A project meeting environmental challenges

The SMO® process, developed by PEPS and NST, proposes an industrial solution efficient and profitable, able to meet the three central issues of sustainable development.

Renewable energy

Global energy demand could increase by 45% by 2030, whereas current energy resources are dwindling gradually. This alarming observation confirms the urgency of using alternative environmentally friendly alternatives to the environment, including the transformation and valorisation of biomasses proposed by the SMO® process.


Fight against the proliferation of plastic waste

According to the World Bank, the cities' inhabitants (approximately 3 billion people) have generated, in 2011, approximately 1.3 billion tons of solid waste, with a management cost estimated at $ 205.4 billion. Waste management can be laborious, thus leading to health and environmental impacts, including soil and groundwater pollution, disease transmission, and greenhouse gases emissions. The SMO® process responds to theses challenges by turning waste into energy sources.

CO2 sequestration

Greenhouse gases, mainly methane and CO2, comes largely from household waste. Alternatives for multipurpose solution of household waste treatment are moving towards the conventional pyrolysis or gasification of household waste which, however, have a poor carbon footprint regarding the energy produced/CO2 ratio.