About us


  • 2009 Creation of the company NST in Baie-Mahault

    Created back in 2009, the NST company is based in Baie-Mahault. Today the company is presided by Jean-Luc Cafournet, IT engineer, expert in prioritary missions in term of local development, urban reorganization and city politics.

  • 2012 Creation of the company PEPS SA in Marrakesh

    PEPS Corp was born in Februay 2012, a joint-venture of a sounth/south partnership between NST, a guadeloupean company, specialized in cleantech, and Imperium Holding, an industrial moroccan group based in Marrakech. The CEO is Hamza El Baroudi, the Imperium Holding group manager, who takes action in the food-processing industry area.

  • 2015 Creation of a first operational prototype

    The ressources and competences combined around SMO© patents have enabled to overcome the key step of the fulfillment of a first machine, which is operational from its implementation in september 2015.

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